Adam, also known as Crofty, is a supreme being (but not as supreme as Joey G). He was born in the year 2000.

Early LifeEdit

In his early life, Adam was a sasquatch hunter. In total, Crofty has killed 3,708 saquatches and led them to extinction (he was also the one who killed the legendary Bigfoot).

After the age of 4, he had killed 400, and was learning to walk.

Modern LifeEdit

Crofty now lives in Wallasey, Engalnd. He has earned his nickname and now doesn't kill sasquatches. He is also the last of his kind, that is why Walshie tries to hunt him down. Adam also has himself a Youtube channel. His account is called Boom, though the channel is found by typing in SuperadamGames2000 .


Adam has many friends and even some enemies. Click this link for the list Crofty's Relationships


The highly popular, No Adam No!!! Meme


  • Adam started killing sasquatches when one stole his sandwich one day.
  • The phrase "No Adam, No!!!" is really popular and now a meme.
  • He is also a prime victim of bag stealing. This is mainly due to the fact that he leaves it open and unattended.
  • Crofty also used to be a bully. He bullied Harris Bently. Harris is also Crofty's biggest fan.
  • He bought loads of Mr McDowell sticks and lost for his team while doing a STEM activity.
  • He is highly interested with the latest virtual-reality headset, the Oculus Rift. Any mention of this during a conversation will result in him being deeply excited about the release.
  • A little known fact is he is deeply interested with dogs, and helps out every morning or so to be around Barney (The school guidedog).
  • The only music he listens to is the Portal soundtrack.
  • Known to get upset when teased about stealing or doing other things.
  • Very small for his age. Probably the smallest in his school year.
  • Everybody knows he's the toughest in the school, maybe out of the whole of Wallasey.
  • There is now also a picture made of Adam, that is intended to be a screamer.
  • Adam once fought back against his enemy, Walshie, by slamming him against a wall.
    Adam 2

    A rather scary looking Adam. (Intended to be a screamer)

  • Adam once snitched on a friend during a History class because he didn't give him a bit of his chocolate bar.
  • Adam now has a new bag because he lost his old one.(It still contains Walker's crisps though.)
  • There is now a trollpasta all about The Crofty Curse!
  • Adam believes that he is in the Army. Infact he is in Cadets (big boy scouts) and shoots air rifles (he thinks he shoots AK-47s).
  • Adam cried due to a prank in which his R4 card was stolen. He was angry all day and screamed "STOP MESSING WITH MY STUFF!!" at the top of his lungs.