Walshie captured on camera

Jack Walch, now known as Walshie, tries to bully Crofty but fails miserably.

Personality and Traits

Walshie is just one of those typical failed bullies who thinks he is very strong but just isn't. Another reason why he is a fail is because he tries to bully people in a higher year, this foolish action usually leads to him getting hurt in the testicles.


  • He earned the nickname 'Walshie' when [REDACTED] looked at his name tag on his bag and just started shouting "Walshie!" in a high-pitched voice to annoy him. This is what started the whole failed bullying thing.
  • There was once a picture made of Walshie, in which he was wearing a pumpkin costume.
  • It is believed that Walshie lays blue, spotty eggs.
  • Once he has had enough of tapping people and hitting them, he will usually recieve a swift elbow to the genital regions. After, he will get confused to why they would do that.
  • It was believed for years that his name was Jack Walsh. Due to recent discovery it was found out that he is called Jack Walch.


The lost pumpkin Walshie picture